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  • Home - When you consider energy efficiency upgrades, the intelligent way to set priorities and predict results is to begin with a comprehensive Home Energy Audit, performed by a trained and BPI certified professional. The Home Energy Detective provides home energy efficiency services for Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia and the surrounding region.



  • Additional Services - The Home Energy Detective offers customized home energy auditing and home energy efficiency improvement services for all of our customers in Virginia, Maryland, and DC.
    • Air Sealing - Air sealing is the process of keeping the proper amounts of clean, conditioned air within the home and unconditioned, contaminated air outside the home.
    • Attic Hatch Covers - An insulated attic hatch cover is an air tight cover that replaces the existing attempts to separate your living space from your attic.
    • Crawlspace Retrofit - Crawlspace retrofitting is the process of extending the thermal barrier of your home to include the crawlspace while eliminating infiltration of polluted air and excess moisture.
    • Duct Sealing - Aerosealing your ductwork is the single most time and cost effective energy efficient improvement for old and new homes alike.
    • Indoor Air Quality - Indoor air quality enhancement is a process of removing airborne pollutants and irritants from conditioned air in a home.
    • Insulation Removal - Insulation removal is the process of extracting insulation from your attic or crawlspace and properly disposing of it.
    • Weather Stripping - Do you think you need new windows? Weather stripping may be the answer instead.


  • Products - The Home Energy Detective offers two types of products to increase the energy efficiency of your residential, commercial or government building.
    • Energy Saving Products- Increase the energy efficiency of your home.
      • Air Filter Cover - SMART Filter Seal is a durable yet flexible high-strength film designed to fit tightly over the air filter slot on the return air plenum and prevent air from bypassing the filter and thus improves indoor air quality.
      • Attic Stair Cover - Covers and seals your attic stairs stopping air leaks, drafts, and energy loss.
      • Dryer Vent Cover - Our Dryer Vent Seal will reduce unwanted air infiltration, and keep out pests, bees and rodents as well.
      • E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door - The green alternative to energy wasting attic pull down ladders.
      • Whole House Fan Shutter Seal - Whole house fan cover for winter and summer.
    • Life Safety Products - Photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) exit signs, tape, paint, and safety solutions for commercial and government buildings.



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